Informing a healthier future.


Connecting the world with the right doctors.

Everyday, Life Sciences and healthcare companies as well as patients - depend on the information and insights H1 delivers to make decisions about the healthcare professionals and medical experts they should engage with.

Our team of experts have built turnkey solutions that:

Help patients identify the best doctors to treat their conditions

Enable Life Sciences teams to work with the best HCPs globally to get life saving therapies to patients sooner

Help clinical trials run equitably and successfully

Accelerate the drug development cycle

We work with leading global companies to transform complex data into actionable intelligence.

Learn more about the value we deliver to Pharma and Biotech:

AI-Powered Scientific Collaboration for Medical Affairs

Insight-Based Engagement Strategies

Insight-based Engagement Strategies

Notification and alert framework provides proactive alerts and updates about HCPs before scheduled meetings.

Network exploration helps uncover HCP connections, those that work well together, compare and contrast HCPs, and determine if HCPs meet certain criteria.

Increase Scientific Share of Voice

Increase Scientific Share of Voice

Access to article recommendations and opinions from hard-to-reach KOLs and scientific influencers.

Empower field teams to act as therapeutic experts and focus on HCP interests by enabling HQ to develop targeted campaigns and talk tracks on important, upcoming or influential topics.

Uncover & Track Digital Opinion Leaders

Uncover & Track Digital Opinion Leaders

Find and track new and rising star thought leaders in the TAs which are most active on Twitter by reach and social influence.

Sentiment analysis provided by TA experts can be used to understand shared beliefs or identify rising stars.

Patient Journey Mapping

Patient Journey Mapping

Understand access to and treatment history of relevant patient populations.

US & European diagnosis and  procedure data enables clients to discern treatment focus, patient volumes and therapeutic area direction for HCPs and more.

Data-Driven Clinical Trials

Enabling accelerated and equitable global drug development.

Patient Population Analysis

  • Test and verify hypothesis on patient populations & get baseline measurement.
  • Understand patient population distribution by age and sex at the state, city, or zip code level.

Site Profiling

  • Uncover sites accessible to relevant and diverse patient populations.
  • Discover trial naïve sites.
  • Understand sites that minimize burden for patients.

Profiling Pls with Access to Diverse Patients

  • Understand which doctors are currently treating diverse patient populations.
  • Help meet diversity trial targets.

Supporting Enrollment at Existing Sites

  • Leverage surrounding sites and HCPs to uncover referral networks and empower recruitment efforts.
  • Reduce delays in enrollment of relevant patients.

Commercial Acceleration

Show ROI, and beyond.

Uncover and expand your total addressable market.

Geospantial by design, territories built-in.

Understand hundreds of data sources + claims in one easy-to-use tool.

Help your salesforce understand the level of need and impact of your therapy at every account before the first conversation.

Auto-generated bespoke PowerPoint presentations and content creation.

Look at utilization visually and statistically.

Inform and create a healthier future with H1.

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